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Rock 100.5 & The Atlanta Rollergirls

Posted :: January 25, 2008 | 10:16 pm ::

I feel like I’m counting chads down in Florida or something.

The latest from Cumulus: They are running a looped commercial (I’m guessing it will last all weekend) on 100.5FM that asks listeners to call (404) 497-4847 and vote for what format you would like the new station to be. It is obviously a promotional stunt with options such as “the all silent channel”, thrash metal, soft rock classics (with musicals playing in the background), etc.

My prediction: Another 96Rock-like station. If the Regular Guys come back on the air, it would make a lot of sense. Plus, if you haven’t noticed, we are in the South. What will we do without some classic rock on the airwaves??? As long as it’s not another Country, Gospel or Top 40 station – Drive A Faster Car can cope.

In other news, tonight is the kickoff party for the Atlanta Rollergirls 2008 Season at The Brewhouse Cafe in Little Five Points.

Atlanta Rollergirls 2008 Kick Off Party at Brewhouse Cafe

9 Responses to “Rock 100.5 & The Atlanta Rollergirls”

  1. Cathy Says:

    I really do hope it’s the Regular Guys! You guys rock!

  2. Andre Says:

    Hell Yeah! You guys are coming back to the airwaves, gotta love that! The ATL radio waves have missed you! Thank you! Thank You!

  3. Jason Says:

    I really hope it’s you guys! I was looking online tonite, to see what I might wake up to tomorrow on the old q100.5 at 6:30 and ran across this site (and the rumors and all)! I hope it is so. Don’t know if it is, but I do hope it is so! Kudos u guys (if it’s true). Keep rocking Larry and Eric! If not at 100.5, then I hope it’s somewhere, where we can catch you! I’d prefer it be Atlanta, this town needs ya’ll. Atlanta radio needs you!

  4. Shawn Says:

    The regular guys are back!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great thing. I hope southside shirley joins them!!! I cant get the station on radio at my office. Is there a way to hear it on the internet?


  5. Scott Says:

    Finally a reason to listen to the radio again. This is awesome. I hope listeners catapult them off the charts. Take that clear channel.

  6. Steve Says:

    I’ve ben listening to yall today, and yall are kicking ASS!!!!! It’s like the good’ol days listening to 96 rock. “A BIG FU” to clear channel.

  7. Mitchy da Missle Says:

    Oh WOW I am very happy that you guys are back on the air. Everything SUCKED for 15 months. Do you realize how bad project 961 was? It was HORRIBLE.

    Thank God someone had the balls to put Larry and Eric back on. I listened this morning and it was like you guys never left!!

  8. John Welch Says:


    It’s John Welch old (Gm) Hampton Inn Buckhead! Yuco the Clown made famous! Tell Steve to give me a ring. I’m a mobile detailer now. Love to hook you guys up with free detail. 678.986.5944 Ace’s Mobile Detailing.


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