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Catching Up With Five Monday Reads & Tunes

Posted :: December 15, 2008 | 6:17 pm ::

It’s Monday and I’m sick. Oh joy! Gives us time to catch up on some reads and tunes.

Monday Reads:

1. The Knife Is Writing An Opera… Olof Dreijer Currently In The Amazon, Field Recording Animals, Fish and Plants… (from The Daily Swarm)
I could not think of a darker, more peculiar, modern band to write an opera. This should be good.

2. Deerhunter’s Pundt Unveils Debut Lotus Plaza LP (from Pitchfork)
Atlanta representin’.

3. Takka Takka Daytrotter Session (from, duh, Daytrotter)
Lust, lust.

4. See You on the Flip Side (from Listening Post on Wired.com)
Wired is canning their music blog.

5. Medulla Obbligato (from Transmission on Gapers Block)
“Owned and operated by the crew at the Shape Shoppe studio and members of affiliated groups Icy Demons and Chandeliers, the recently-launched Obey Your Brain label aims to showcase the work of the Shoppe’s allies, associates, and fellow travelers alike”

Monday Tunes:

[mp3] Cut Off Your Hands – Happy As Can Be

[mp3] The Republic Tigers – Fight Song

[mp3] Department Of Eagles – No One Does It

[mp3] Mixel Pixel – Sinking Feeling

[mp3] Anthem In – Down

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