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Super Deluxe RIP

Posted :: December 17, 2008 | 4:57 pm ::

RIP Super Deluxe

My alma mater, and longtime friend, Super Deluxe was officially taken offline today. Turner laid us all off back in May and has been working down the site since then. A selection of edited videos from Brad Neely, Y’all So Stupid, Tim & Eric, Poundcast, and Bob Odenkirk are available on AdultSwim.com. The rest of the Super Deluxe library was eliminated — FOR SHAME.

In memory of Super Deluxe today, I give you one of my personal favorites and thank acdcguy6294 (among others) for hacking this video, so it may live on. Though for the record, it was created by Olde English. I will continue to post hacked videos of Super Deluxe in their memory throughout the rest of the year in honor of the good times. Link me your favorites!

[mp3] Olde English – Akon Calls T-Pain

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4 Responses to “Super Deluxe RIP”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Dude, hilarious. Is it sad that I was actually grooving through that whole video?

  2. Tessa Says:

    Not at all. I’ve listened to that mp3 on repeat on my iPod ;) Ha!

  3. drzachary Says:

    ever since this video came out, i cannot look at a lime without thinking/singing/sthinkging ‘we gonna take some li-hime’

  4. wesley what what Says:

    haha, love the song.

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