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Twitter Updates from 2009-04-23

Posted :: April 23, 2009 | 2:00 pm ::
  • New Placebo Video For What It’s Worth http://tr.im/jsh9 #
  • JUST ANNOUNCED! Superdrag at The Loft in Atlanta on 06/20! Tix on sale May 1st! http://tinyurl.com/dew7v2 (via @CenterStageAtl) #
  • Concerts Tonight in Atlanta: Acid Mother’s Temple @EARL_EAV, Lamb of God @tabernacleatl, Doria Roberts @ Eddie’s Attic #
  • Yay! They put a traffic light at 17th Street & Howell Mill Road. Finally. #
  • First song I flipped on to hear on the “new” @99x is a crappy old Blink-182 track. Have you learned nothing @99x??? #
  • Krog Street is paved! What a treat! :) #
  • http://twitpic.com/3st5k – Highland Tap 20th Anniversary media preview #
  • Also, Sonorous Gale http://bit.ly/3wbFX2 tonight at WonderRoot! http://bit.ly/130hEy #
  • Dine Out For Life tonight at local restaurants. 20% goes to Open Hand. http://tinyurl.com/dfbebt #
  • If you were wondering, Shazam sucks for classical music. #
  • Does anyone know what’s on NPR Atlanta right now? #
  • Viola > Violin #
  • Finally working on my “ultimate” mixtape. Going to use many favorite underrated songs. #
  • Argh. Just flipped through the entire Doves catalogue and can’t find the song I’m looking for! #
  • I was really trying to do an upbeat mix but it’s just not going to happen. Sad bastard music galore. #
  • Who really ever makes a mix that is only 10 songs? Even cassettes could fit at least 12. #
  • Very true!! @driveafastercar It depends. Prog mixes: 6 songs, Punk mixes: 35 songs. (via @trskaidkaphobia) #
  • Neutral Milk Hotel was nixed from the list. It’s a mix people. I have to commit to a direction. Lots of great bands/tracks won’t make it… #
  • Which also means Dylan has to go. And R.E.M. #
  • I was going to include you Carla Bruni but somehow the track I needed isn’t in my iTunes anymore? That’s one easy way to prune this list! #
  • Carla Bruni – “Tout Le Monde” http://tr.im/jtRU #
  • Just realized how High Fidelity this is. Except I don’t have a crush on @ChadRad ;) I’ll burn him a mix + pass it over dj booth ;) #
  • SWOON! here’s another current obsession – “Daniel” by @Bat_For_Lashes live on Jools Holland: http://tr.im/jtRC (via @criminalrecords) #
  • I have a circus gig @ Tongue & Groove Thurs night. I’m juggling & hooping, with friends on trapeze, stilts, & fire fans. (via @greenmonk) #
  • Think I got the mix done. Off to grab a couple drinks with @wehriam then I may revisit… #
  • Colbert with Ira Glass was kinda of awesome. #
  • Dear Comedy Central, I don’t think you could physically have a longer embed code for your videos. Work on that. Love, DaFC #
  • I can’t decide whether to make a pot of coffee or finally go to sleep. #
  • This American Life Live Around Atlanta Tonight http://tr.im/jv1Y #
  • Sounds like a fail! Sucks! :( – COFFEE – I just picked up some at McDs and proceeded to dump it all over my shoes.(via @jnwilliams76) #
  • Before the last bridge blows, I know I will propose. ? http://blip.fm/~4te4e #
  • It fucks with your honor and it teases your head ? http://blip.fm/~4tef5 #
  • Bonnaroo Preview: Andrew Bird http://tr.im/jvcx #
  • Bed time. Will probably be up in an hour. zzzzzzzz #
  • *six hours later…* Well I feel better! Upset I slept half the day. Le sigh. #
  • Is it turned off? — Hm. So that light at 17th and howell? It’s rock if it worked >=( (via @theleila) #
  • Atlanta gallery owner Constance Lewis made CL’s “Happy” cover story this week: http://is.gd/u7N1 (via @acp11) #
  • Task 1: Downloading the backlog of music in my Inbox. #
  • Listening to Sleepy Sun “Embrace” out May 26th on ATP/R #
  • FREE All the Saints tracks: http://tinyurl.com/c6yktv (via @mirandalange) – Atlanta band done good on Touch & Go. #
  • Reading: What Happens To An Album’s Pre-Release Cycle In An Era Of Leaks, Low Sales, And Dead Magazines? http://bit.ly/D1Pe7 #
  • New Army Navy video! Check out debut of “Saints” http://tr.im/jxib #
  • Tonight — Trac Team Presents: Night Of The Creeps 2 with The Varsity & Big Chad Famous $5, 18+ (via @drunkenunicorn) #
  • Beautiful day, perfect for the women’s social bike ride! 7-9 p.m. Starts at Charis Book s in L5P. http://is.gd/u8z6 (via @jamieg) #
  • Welcome to Twitter, @PlazaAtlanta – Atlanta’s only true indie theater has joined in on the fun. http://www.plazaatlanta.com (via @BlastOff_ATL) #
  • Dear EMI, I hate your promo download service. It’s already watermarked. At least work. Love, DaFC #
  • Hugely belated… listening to Cursive “Mama, I’m Swollen” http://tr.im/jxvB #
  • FM:Race ride tonight at 6:30! http://bit.ly/TNC37 (via @fastermustache) #
  • YESSS!!! Everyone welcome Atlanta’s “premier” adult entertainment club @magiccityatl to Twitter! (pinging @strutteratlanta) #
  • Come see Friday the 13th tonight at 9:45 – it’s your LAST CHANCE to see this on the big screen! (via @PlazaAtlanta) #
  • Alice Walker Archive Opens at Emory Today http://tr.im/jxJG #
  • Junior Boys with Max Tundra @earl_eav on May 2nd is almost sold out!!! http://tinyurl.com/cefl9s (via @Ohmpark) #
  • NPR: Why Can’t Detroit Cash In On Its Music Scene? (story feat. The Detroit Cobras) http://tr.im/jxln
    Catch them @EARL_EAV June 6th. #
  • It feels counter-intuitive to sign up for email lists when my Inbox is packed… Better than more RSS feeds? Hm. #
  • Listening to Nite Club “My Tronic” — really liking this one… indie electro blip? Makes me want to dance. http://tr.im/jxQm #
  • Follow @reverbnation! (via @DavidDufresne) #
  • Hang out with the @AtlRollergirls at the Brewhouse tonight! 10% of all profits made after 5PM are being donated to the Atlanta Rollergirls. #
  • Smoke N Mirrors tonight at Whiskey Park. Sounds by DJ What! + Smiles + Greg Mike Hosted by Christys’ Hats http://ow.ly/3EXh (via @chadavid) #
  • Upcoming Atlanta events! (Flyers. Tons.) http://tr.im/iwoi #
  • Listening to Peter Doherty’s “Grace / Wastelands” http://tr.im/jy2U A lot more mellow than I was expecting. Sounds very… honest, for Pete. #

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