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Twitter Updates from 2009-04-24

Posted :: April 24, 2009 | 2:00 pm ::
  • Just when you thought changes at the AJC couldn’t get any more worrisome, along comes this: http://bit.ly/15pIyV (via @andishehnouraee) #
  • My Twitter personality: renowned obsessive cautious My style: garrulous coherent. They say I’m a poet :) http://bit.ly/NfhDq #
  • Join the Atlanta group on @thesixtyone! http://tr.im/jykO – RT! #
  • Akron/Family “Everyone is Guilty Video”: http://bit.ly/i6uuf #
  • Listening to Kendel Carson. She’s okay but the songs aren’t as tight as I’d like… they meander a bit too much. #
  • Bacon & Beer Happy Hour, tonight, 7PM, 97 Estoria http://is.gd/ua18 (via @tpbrown) Awesome. (via @AtlantaBeer) #
  • Photo: joeventures: Hugely disturbing. It’s right there people in numbers. http://tumblr.com/x2j1n6y5b #
  • Have You Heard There’s A Showcase At @starbaratlanta? http://tr.im/jysq #
  • Last Call: Stevie Wonder fans should dig into this live set from ’74. http://tiny.cc/4F4Ss Files down after the wknd. (via @aquadrunkard) #
  • All Taco Macs will start pouring Guinness 250 at 7pm this Friday (via @AtlantaBeer) #
  • Miniature Tigers Daytrotter Session: http://tr.im/jyy0 Catch them in Atlanta @centerstagatl (Vinyl) on May 8th #
  • Listening to new music from The Sounds while I work on the DaFC schedule #thatsrightiamschedulingcontentnow #
  • I don’t know why I don’t own more Josh Ritter. Adds to mental list. #
  • ATL: If you’re in a bubble or have super thick walls, it’s going to storm like hell tonight. #
  • Hop City in the Westside is now open! http://www.hopcitybeer.com (via @SALTWORKS) #
  • Listening to the new White Rabbits album “It’s Frightening” out May 19 http://tr.im/jyPb So far, it’s fantastic. #
  • The sky just fell on the westside. Don’t lose power. Don’t lose power. Don’t lose power. #
  • The Fox Theatre is now on Twitter – @TheFoxTheatre (via @atlantamusic) #
  • “you seem like you’d be a blast to hang out with. i’ll be totally up front with you though – i’m married.” There any non-creepy ATL suitors? #
  • Lots of small hail on the westside, the rain is very shifty too. #atlweather #
  • The rain stopped here and the patio is coated in hail. Lightning continues quite often. #atlweather #30318 #
  • (via @Prodmod) Atlanta is famous for it’s sudden torrential downpours. Oof. http://twitpic.com/3v0ls #
  • No way in help am I driving in this to Perimeter for Ira Glass (This American Life Live) tonight. Le sigh. #
  • I can’t believe I’m on a date that I’m enjoying so much. #
  • There’s a live webcam for an art show tonight in Castleberry Hills. See it tonight at http://www.madmanstudio.com (via @tindel) #
  • A video has appeared on Youtube showing the line to get into the East Atlanta Beer Fest http://bit.ly/dv4WF (via @atlantamusic) #
  • ACC & Windows III At MINT Gallery http://tr.im/jDpu #
  • ACC & Windows III @mintgallery http://tr.im/jDpu #
  • I am in a really, really good mood today. That is all. #
  • Tonight! Art Stroll in Castleberry Hill http://bit.ly/aCqGg I’m going to catch @maigh’s photography! #
  • Follow Friday theme this week — Athens! @veniceissinking @ryanetics @teamclermont @cableandtweed #followfriday (Did I miss anyone??) #
  • Nice!! — i’m Internet famous!: http://bit.ly/CR6Fu (via @bramfilter) #
  • Unemployed? Free ice cream at Morelli’s from 12-3 M-Th. http://bit.ly/oDQPy (via @yelpatlanta) #

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