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Posted :: May 13, 2009 | 12:13 pm ::

Decatur-based, Paste Magazine, saddled with the same sort of dwindling ad sales that sank fellow national mag Blender, is on its last legs, trying to scrounge up enough money to put out the next issue.

The magazine will launch a “Save Paste” campaign later today, appealing to readers to donate money in exchange for exclusive music from a variety of bands.

Photo courtesy of Zack Arias.

Update: Drive A Faster Car has just been tipped that the entire staff of Paste Magazine is also taking a 20% pay cut across the board to help their current financial situation.
Update: Clarification this article has been posted here
Update: Official Announcement directly from Paste: Save Paste Magazine: Official Announcement

8 Responses to “Save Paste Magazine”

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  2. acc Says:

    saddest thing ever!

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  5. John Says:

    Man, I love this mag. Anxious to hear how I can help.

  6. SpaceyG Says:

    Alas, it's not in the dying or the saving, it's in the re-creation. One must assume that will occur in the digital realm, if it's to occur at all.

  7. Narconon Arrowhead Says:

    Nice. Sounds like a cool magazine

  8. Narconon Arrowhead Says:

    Nice. Sounds like a cool magazine

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