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Realizing that “indie” is the new jingle and notions of selling out died when the first New Beetle danced with flowers to Stereolab, Korean automaker Kia has assembled perhaps the most unfortunately named tour of the year, featuring DJs and “bloggable” “buzzworthy” “indie” “bands.” The Soul Collective Tour is coming to Atlanta from Thursday to Sunday of this week at Ambient Studio Plus (585 Wells Street) in Castleberry Hill.

The Soul Collective Tour has nothing to do with heaven letting its light shine down and everything to do with promoting the Kia Soul, a boxy competitor to the Scion XB. The Soul is soulful and street and edgy (“The new way to roll!”) because it can be tricked out with superfluous spoilers, and it comes in colors with names like “Molten,” “Alien,” and “Java.” Though I have a distinct No Alien Anything policy when it comes to marketing, it ain’t the worst-looking thing on the road, which I realize is not a bold statement as long as Pontiac Azteks roam the earth. I used to make fun of the Scion XB and Honda Element. Then I rode in them and loved their emphasis on design minimalism and the utilitarian. I reserve judgment on the Kia Soul until I encounter one in its natural habitat, which is probably outside of a club with tinted windows and a name like Oxygen or Club 324.

Anyway, the lineup for the festival is pretty good, featuring a mix of DJs and buzzed-about indie bands. The first night is a media/RSVP thingy featuring Columbia, SC’s newest blog hero, Washed Out. Washed Out is a bellwether artist in the so-called “chillwave” movement, the hilarious and awful new term given to a group of pretty okay lo-fi electronic artists who just happened to arrive on the scene at the same time needing a stupid name for their non-movement. I’m not sure how you get into this thing, but I’m sure it has something to do with Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kiacollective.

Also, performing will be Atlanta’s very own Atlas Sound (which is too good to just be considered a Deerhunter side project) on Saturday, and guitar-slinger/oddball songwriter St. Vincent on Sunday. St. Vincent really brings it live, so you should probably check that out, especially considering that you’ll get two tickets to the show for free if you go there and test drive the Soul. A word of warning: Big Sean is playing on Friday night, and his performance at SXSW was the most atrocious I saw (and I saw Third Eye Blind), more hateful and misogynistic than your usual hip-hop performance and just not very good to boot.

Here is the full lineup:

Thursday, October 8
7:30 –10:30 p.m.
Media/RSVP-only launch event 
Live performance by Washed Out
DJ Set by Brian Parris

Friday, October 9
12-8 p.m.
Test-drives all day
DJ sets all day by Silk Wolf, Jack Masters, Smiles and a performance by White Light Syndrome
Performance by Big Sean and Mike Posner

Saturday, October 10
12-8 p.m.
Test-drives all day
DJ sets all day by White Girl Dance, Ryan Burleson, and Black Sunshine
Performances by Atlas Sound 

Sunday, October 11
Test-drives all day from 12-8 p.m.
DJ set all day by David VanArsdale and Smiles
6:30-10 p.m: St. Vincent performance; secure tickets after test-driving a Kia Soul

Ambient Studio Plus
585 Wells Street SW
Castleberry Hill

More events and details can be found via the Kia Soul Collective Web site at http://www.kiasoulcollective.com, and through its Twitter, http://www.twitter.com/kiacollective.

[mp3] Atlas Sound – Requiem For All The Lonely Teenagers With Passed Out Moms

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  1. Really? Says:

    Not to be picky, but south of I-20 ain’t Castleberry Hill. Is the “branding machine” that desperate?

  2. Really? Says:

    Not to be picky, but south of I-20 ain't Castleberry Hill. Is the “branding machine” that desperate?

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