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Yesterday kicked off the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival — the nation’s first culinary weekend that will unite leaders of their craft – barbecue pitmasters, award-winning chefs and mixologists, Master Sommeliers, fry cooks and local growers – in the spirit of celebrating the rich food and beverage traditions of the South.

Late Night Street Carts At Atlanta Food And Wine Festival

Tonight and Saturday, curated by Chefs Dan Latham and Eli Kirshtein, the Street Cart Pavilion will provide guests access to a growing food movement across the South: street food. Enjoy the flavors from a sampling of street cart vendors from across the region, including tacos, sweets and barbecue.

The Late Night Events will include Southern music, libations and street food created by guest chefs from across the region, including:

Avocado’s from Mexico (Mexico)
Bulleit Bourbon (Louisville, KY)
CIROC Vodka (France)
Club Patron (Mexico)
Crooked Spoon (Orlando, FL)
Dietrich’s (Santa Rosa Beach, FL)
GastroPod (Miami, FL)
Klausie’s Pizza (Raleigh, NC)
Sweetwater Beer Truck (Atlanta, GA)
STK (Atlanta, GA – new restaurant)
VIKING Cooking Rig (Greenwood, MS)
Yum Yum Cupcake Truck (Atlanta, GA)
Westside Creamery (Atlanta, GA)

Alberto Cabrera (FL)
Jeremy Fox (CA – GA native)
Katsuya Fukushima (DC)
Eli Kirshtein (GA)
Dan Latham (GA)
Whitney Otawka (GA)
Adam Sobel (DC)
Plinio Sandalio (TX)

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