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With his hip-hop partner Andre 3000, Big Boi is best known as half of the highly-influential group Outkast. While the award-winning rapper/producer has also dabbled in other creative and humanitarian projects, his latest endeavor is more about enjoying life with his beverage of choice, Crown Royal Black.

Crown Royal recently released its premium whiskey in a limited edition black bag designed by Big Boi as part of its The Crown Life campaign. To celebrate the release, they threw an invite-only party at Atlanta’s Door 44, where Big Boi was on hand for interviews and an impromptu live performance with local hip-hoppers Pill, Killer Mike and others.

Big Boi, Pill and Killer Mike performing at the Crown Royal Black Atlanta party

Here’s what Big Boi had to say about his Crown Royal collaboration.

First of all, thanks for all the food and drinks.

Anytime, man. You know, I try to be hospitable.

You’ve been very good about giving back to the local community, from your collaboration with the Atlanta Ballet a few years ago to the multimedia street festival you did last Winter with gloATL. How would you say this Crown Royal Black project is giving back to the community?

Basically, it’s a great branding opportunity. What I dig most about it is the creative input I had on designing the bag. The bag’s been the same for over a century, so for them to let me come in and promote something and help market something in a way that I can have my hands on it, not just drinking it, but by giving it a new look, that was a fun challenge to me.

I give back to the community my own way, through my Big Kidz Foundation and things like that. It ain’t like the liquor’s going hand-in-hand with the Foundation, it’s just part of what I do.

You also did a video to promote the Crown Royal Black project. What’s the video about?

I shot a little ten minute documentary about my life and it just really kind of documented a couple of days of me going around, performing in L.A., then we came back to Atlanta and followed me throughout the day. We’re just giving people a personal insight into me and my life. The Crown Life experience is about those crowning moments in life, those special moments you just want to remember. You might want to kick back and celebrate your kid’s graduation or you might have gotten a promotion at your job, or anything, you know what I’m saying? Those special moments in life that you want to celebrate. It might be the last day of school for you, if you’re a college student or whatever. The whole thing is it’s those moments that are special to you.

When it comes to actually drinking Crown Royal Black, how do you prefer it? What do you like to mix it with?

Apple juice. I call it the “Kinfolk” because it takes the edge off a little bit. It makes it a little smoother and the ladies like it.

And that’s always important.

Fo sho.

What do you garnish the Kinfolk with?

I might put a little piece of pineapple in there, or some tangerine. Just a little something something. Not too much. It don’t need much, you know what I’m saying?

Big Boi with the new Crown Royal Black

Do you plan on working with Crown Royal on any additional projects in the future?

There’s some talks going on in the back rooms, you know what I’m saying? The launch has been going really good so far. We just did Orlando. We had an event in Houston that went really nice. Then we had Chicago, Detroit and another upcoming event in Atlanta. So we’re moving right along, bringing awareness to let everybody know this is out there, it’s The Crown Life and it’s summertime, so just sit back and relax.

Crown Royal Black is not a limited edition item, but the bag you designed is. How long will it be available with the limited edition bag?

Good question. I’m not really sure. For a minute. It depends on how many they’re selling. But it’s already in stores. It came out last week, I believe.

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