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CinéBistro at Town Brookhaven

Thanks Dad. Insert eye roll. CinéBistro at Town Brookhaven has officially opened their doors to the under 21 crowd with two notable exceptions: only movies beginning before 6PM and you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Lovely for the older audiences but I can’t fathom high school students begging their parents to be included in a night out. Perhaps more along the lines of “Could Alice’s older brother look like our dad?”

“We are eager to offer our unparalleled cinematic amenities to a younger audience, as we have received positive feedback from previous under 21 admittance for limited-time showings,” said Fred Meyers, executive director of CinéBistro for Cobb Theatres. “CinéBistro will maintain our 21 and older policy for shows after 6PM, continuing to offer our refined cinema experience to adult audiences only.”

CinéBistro also hosts a lovely sounding brunch, available in their bar, lounge and patio areas from open until 2:30PM on Saturdays and Sundays, but as it features a bloody mary bar, I imagine it’s another grown-up only feature.

Maybe in another five years there will be more interesting cultural activities for underagers in the Atlanta area. For now, bring mom or dad, or head over to Dad’s Garage where you’re always welcome.

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